About AnonimA

A tool for anonimizing photos and videos. Instantly blur over any face in any media file. Scrub all metadata.



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Our Mission

Photos Uploaded to the internet can have Serious Reprecussions and may come back to Haunt You in the future. By bringing awareness to this threat we hope to slow own and halt the tide eroding our Anonymity.Anonima can Help Make You Safer . We strive to create Free tools to help you and those in your photos from anti-privacy technologies.AnonimA will help protect you from the growing threat of facial recognition.

Our Team

Brendan's Photo

Brendan Rhatigan


San Fransisco, California

Arthur's Photo

Arthur Obo-Nwakaji

Backend Developer

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Oswald's Photo

Oswald Harris

Data Scientist

London, UK

Fiennes's Photo

Fiennes Harris

Frontend Developer

London, UK

Sims's Photo

Sim Bhatia

External Relations

San Diego, USA