AnonimA's FAQ's

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Why Use Anonima?
The fundamental reason is to protect identities from being exposed by facial recognition technologies.
How good are current facial recognition technologies?
They work alarmingly well. Clearview AI, which has effectively created a “Google Search” for faces, boasts that after fine-tuning their algorithms they don't get any false positives.
Can I be identified if I’m wearing a mask?
Yes, SenseTime, a Chinese AI company can now identify faces with only the eyes, brows and bridge of the nose. This is why it is so important to blur faces in protests. For example, when pictures are posted of people in Hong Kong protesting wearing masks, they are still at risk of being identified.
Why didn't the Algorithm blur out a face?
When using a low-resolution picture, faces in the background will not all be blurred. However, these faces are usually of such low resolution that facial recognition would not have enough biometric data to give a positive match.
When can I Blur out faces in a Video?
Very soon!
How can I help out?
Consider donating through bitcoin or PayPal on our website.
Something went wrong?
Please send us a message via the contact tab, with the problem and we will try to rectify it as soon as possible.